Temar mine energy Inc.; to increase exports and to provide agreater contribution to the national economy, creatingopportunities for new markets and seeks to reach out to morecustomers. Bioethanol production, alternative energy sources, one ofwhich is crowned with the European quality award TezkimInc.. Assurance company started its activities in the TemarMine Energy Inc.. opened the first marble quarry in Hatay,at adistance of 55 km.to Iskenderun port in 2013 Being one of the pioneers of innovation and quality is our goalin natural stone industry. As Temar Mine Energy Inc. we areproud of to be entered into assortment of marble, from thebirthplace of art, the world of natural stone which is a gift ofnature to us. We adopt as a mission to be one of the world’s mostdistinguished companies in marble. The main principle of ourcompany is customer satisfaction. For this, our goal is toaccurately identify the demands of customers, to determine theappropriate pricing policy, quality products and services toprovide the fastest way.

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